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Fall AYSO Soccer



  • Fall registrations are ONLINE and are open from March 1 through July 4.
  • You may still register after July 4 but there may be a Waiting List.

Fall 2019 Registration Fees

Fall Program = TBD per player
VIP Program = $45 per player
To be registered, you must register online AND complete payment. Individuals with volunteer recognition discount cards should register through Blue Sombrero and then pay IN-PERSON.
In-person registrations are available on:
If you have any questions, please e-mail our Registrar and Assistant Commissioner.

Fall 2019 “MY2019”
Player’s Birth Year Program Certification Class
for Coaches & Referees
2015 Schoolyard Jamboree
(Saturdays only)
Master Coach: in-person INTERMEDIATE course
Parent involvement is a must for this program.
2014 6U Boys & 6U Girls
online 8U Coach course
2012 and 2013 8U Boys & 8U Girls
online 8U Coach course
in-person 8U Official course
2010 and 2011 10U Boys & 10U Girls
in-person 12U Coach course
in-person Regional Referee course
2008 and 2009 12U Boys & 12U Girls
in-person 12U Coach course
in-person Regional Referee course
2006 and 2007 14U Boys & 14U Girls
in-person INTERMEDIATE courses
for coaches & referees
2002, 2003, 2004, & 2005 18U coed programming in-person ADVANCED courses
for coaches & referees
Players with special needs
from 4 years old to adult
VIP Program online 6U Coach course


During our fall programming:

Coaches Meetings will be during the week of TBD. Practices can begin as early as TBD.
During weeks with a match, 6U and 8U teams practice 1x/week, and 10U through 18U teams practice 2x/week. Teams may hold one additional practice (on a Friday or Saturday) if a match is not scheduled during that week. VIP program is scheduled to meet twice a week on weekdays only. Schoolyard Jamboree will only meet on Saturdays.
Matches will be scheduled from August TBD to October TBD, except for Labor Day weekend. 10U through 18U teams may play additional matches if they qualify for the bonus Sparks AYSO Tournament. Matches will usually be on Saturdays. Away/travel matches are limited for 12U and are common in 14U-18U. Practices and Matches may be subject to cancellation for reasons not limited to lightning, smoke, closed fields, or safety.
There will be individual & team pictures for all teams. Participation trophies are only issued to Schoolyard, 6U, 8U, and VIP. The sportsmanship awards for 10U-18U can be earned by one team in each division from their demonstration of good sportsmanahip throughout the season. And 10U-18U tournament awards may be earned by teams at the bonus Sparks AYSO Tournament.
Every team is to provide 1-2 certified coaches. Teams without a volunteer certified coach will have all of their matches cancelled, but may still practice 2-3x/week.
Each 10U through 18U team is to provide 1-2 certified referees. Most 8U teams should provide 1 certified referee.
Sparks AYSO is a volunteer run, non-profit organization. Please strongly consider volunteering and take the appropriate trainings that are offered.  Players are unable to participate each season without volunteers like you. It takes a lot of dedicated people to make AYSO possible, and we usually have about 1 volunteer for every 5 players in our region.  If you are interested in participating, please apply online.

Winners list from Fall 2018:

Sportsmanship Award Winners
10U Girls- Diamond Dragons, Coach Christie Rassuchine
10U Boys- Iron Giants, Coach Bob Barkley
12U Girls- Zoom, Coach Carrie Parker & Kay Curan
12U Boys- Silver Knights, Coach Vinh
14U coed- G13, Coach Johnson
18U coed- Team 2
Sparks AYSO Tournament Champions
10U Girls- Frostbite *also 1st Place in AYSO Area 2E
10U Boys- Iron Giants *also 1st Place in AYSO Area 2E
12U Girls- Frostbite *also 1st Place in AYSO Area 2E
12U Boys- Silver Bullets *also 1st Place in AYSO Area 2E
14U coed- Ice Ice Baby
18U coed- Team 1