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Board Members

Every board member listed on this page is a volunteer.

Required Board Members
Position Name
Regional Commissioner Christopher Lanski
Assistant Regional Commissioner Yvette Hamacek
Regional Registrar Shannon Wiebke
Regional Treasurer Vita Ozoude
Regional Coach Administrator Bob Barkley
Regional Referee Administrator Doug Owen
Regional Child & Volunteer
Protection Advocate (CVPA)
Stephanie Young
Regional Safety Director Steve Georgeson


Board Members that we couldn’t do without
Position Name
Awards Coordinator Jennifer George
Coach Trainers Vita Ozoude
Communications Coordinators Stephanie Young
Director of Coaching
for Sparks AYSO Elite
Bob Barkley
Director of Division Coordinators Bob Barkley
Equipment Coordinator Christopher Lanski
Field Painters/Coordinators Bob Barkley
Picture Day Coordinator Jennifer George
Referee Instructors Christopher Lanski
Kip Colcord
Rich Hoops
Representatives to SYSF Bob Barkley
Jeannie Chau
Secretary vacant
Special Events Coordinator vacant
Sponsor Coordinator vacant
Tournament Coordinator Jennifer George
VIP Regional Administrator Laura Parker

updated September 2019